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Cracked and Flipped

This is yet another episode of you struggling and then coming out unscathed.

God is funny, you thought. You imagined the ups and downs that He put you through this week. Somebody messed up with a project but that person left and the only one remaining on the chain of command is, yup, YOU.

Not sure if you're used to being a martyr that sacrificing and taking blame became your second nature. To maintain peace and for the problem to be over, you'd normally raise your hand and say 'I volunteer as a tribute'. You're wondering if that's a noble or rather, f*cked-up thing.

Without second thoughts, you suggested they take over half Mil from your salary to pay off this mistake. ARE YOU KIDDING ME? It has to be done. The rest of the team will have to work extra hours to find a project worth 1.5M that will give the half mil margin. They didn't do anything wrong. You wanted fairness and that meant your penance amounting to the same starting cash you needed for the villas you're dreaming to build.

What a waste. Or not? You told your friends you aren't afraid to be out of income. You had invitations to apply for different jobs, in-demand skill sets, and probably your stove to make money out of? LOL. You see this as an opportunity to switch on the entrepreneur in you. Friggin Robert Kiyosaki saying money problems, once solved, make you smarter. You've been reading his work lately and you're excited to put theory to practice. Something's wrong with you.

You're ready to become the sacrificial lamb and talked with your boss. She opened the meeting by asking how you are and proceeded on saying your performance was strong last year. You 'did above and beyond' your tasks. You were even more surprised to learn that you got the highest evaluation results. Again, ARE YOU KIDDING ME?

You said 'thank you', in disbelief. You brought up the half Mil problem. Another shock traveled through your nerves when she said, 'Don't worry about it, some people messed up more than you did'. She said they took care of it and reminded you of accountability. You said this is a very big lesson for you and you won't forget it next time (that's why you're recording it now). You never mentioned the other takeaway you had-- that they're the best team ever for definitely looking out for one another. You're lucky.

So here you are 1) not believing you got a commendable evaluation report, 2) not having to pay half Mil ( basically financially suffering for 10 months and delaying the villas of your dreams) and 3) you're getting extra cash for your performance. This is mental!

Instead of a loss, this week had been a gain for you. Your lover is reminding you, 'Maybe you should start looking more highly of yourself'. I bet he's right.

You realized: in the same way that God can just turn things upside down (ie Him handing you disappointments, heartbreaks, and mental health issues in a gift box with a red ribbon), He can also do the opposite-- turning things downside up ⬇⬆. He cracked and flipped you like an egg being fried, but making sure you won't get *too burnt. Just perfectly cooked LOL. Now I'm hungry. Wanna dine with me and celebrate?

Short Epilogue:

You missed Emilias Restaurant so you went there and ate all the familiar things, but one- Sisig! Tummy is happy and heart is full. You're celebrating with the love of your life.



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